What is C++BuilderX?

Borland C++BuilderX is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building and deploying C++ applications on multiple platforms, including the Windows, Linux, and Solaris environments. The C++BuilderX IDE provides a comprehensive set of tools that streamline and simplify the development lifecycle. The following sections briefly describe these tools. Which features are included depend on which edition of C++BuilderX you have.


The C++BuilderX IDE includes the Together Edition for C++BuilderX. The Together Edition is a design-driven environment and includes support for the following features:

Creating and Managing Projects

All of C++BuilderX's application development centers around projects. When you create an application in C++BuilderX, you are creating a project to build applications.

Editing Code

The text-based code editor helps you edit your code quickly with tools such as the Class Browser, user-defined code templates, syntax highlighting, and custom keymapping.

Building, Running, Debugging, and Deploying

C++BuilderX provides multiple build toolsets to build projects on the Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. Within the IDE, you can set compiler options, build, and run your application. C++BuilderX provides an integrated debugger and support for the debuggers for each build toolset that C++BuilderX runs. The integrated debugger lets you control program execution, monitor variable values, modify data values, step through code line-by-line, and more. C++BuilderX provides an add-on tool called InstallShield MultiPlatform to help you deploy your applications on multiple platforms.

Managing Project Requirements

C++BuilderX includes integrated access to a requirements management system, CaliberRM, to enable teams to define, manage, and communicate changing requirements. Changes to the requirements are recorded and stored in CaliberRM's database, providing reliable and up-to-date information to help teams manage both the expectations and scope of projects for small and large initiatives. Integration is provided through the Together for the C++BuilderX IDE.

Controlling Access and Tracking Changes to Code

Source control systems enable team development by controlling access and tracking changes to source code and other files. C++BuilderX provides a common interface to StarTeam, CVS, ClearCase, and Visual SourceSafe. Within the C++BuilderX IDE, you can perform common source control tasks. With StarTeam, deeper integration is provided for bug tracking change requests and topic discussions.

Creating CORBA Applications

If you have existing CORBA applications or want to build new CORBA applications, you can use the Borland Enterprise Server 5.2 VisiBroker Edition.

Mobile Development

You can develop applications for mobile devices from within the C++BuilderX IDE. When you create or import a mobile application, the IDE provides additional wizards, dialog boxes, and commands to support mobile development. You can use the tools and SDKs provided by C++BuilderX to develop, compile, and debug mobile applications.

Products Included with C++BuilderX

C++BuilderX includes additional Borland and third-party products to assist you in developing and deploying C++ applications. Some products are installed automatically during the C++BuilderX installation, while others are installed separately, as described in the following sections.

Borland Products

C++BuilderX includes the following Borland products.
Product Description Support Platform Installation
Borland InterBase Developer Edition Provides a complete developer version of the InterBase high-performance, cross-platform embeddable database that is simple and inexpensive to deploy and economical to maintain. Windows, Linux, Solaris The InterBase Client is installed by default during C++BuilderX installation. InterBase 7.1 can be optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Borland VisiBroker 5.2 Provides a complete CORBA® environment for developing, deploying, and managing distributed applications. The VisiBroker Edition enables Web clients to communicate with CORBA objects. Development is supported in both Java™ and C++, and all product features are CORBA 2.5 compliant. Windows, Linux, Solaris Windows and Linux versions optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher. The Solaris version can be downloaded from www.borland.com.
Together Edition for C++BuilderX Provides design and analysis capabilities that streamline and speed the application lifecycle. Together technologies enable engineers to deliver better software, faster. Windows, Linux, Solaris Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Borland StarTeam 5.2 Personal Edition Provides an automated and comprehensive software configuration management (SCM) system for supporting the management of assets and application life cycle tasks from within a single repository. Windows Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Borland CaliberRM 5.1 Evaluation Provides software that automates the management of project requirements, maintains task priorities, allows for easy update of project details, and streamlines communication among team members, while managing project scope. CaliberRM handles requirements management for a range of projects. Windows Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Borland C++ Technology Preview Contains Borland C++BuilderX, Framework, and Compiler Preview and includes two new Borland compilers, framework, and form designer. Windows, Linux Installed separately.

Third-Party Products

C++BuilderX includes the following third-party products on separate CDs.
Product Description Support Platform
IBM DB2 Universal Developer's Edition Version 8.1 Provides a complete DB2 database and database tools for a single application developer to design, build, and prototype applications for deployment on any of the DB2 client or server platforms. Windows, Linux, Solaris
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition Provides a complete developer version of the Microsoft SQL Server relational database management system and tools for designing, building, and prototyping e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions. Windows
XML Spy 5.0, Borland Edition Provides a complete XML development tool in which to build XML schemas and Document Type Definitions (DTDs), create Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheets, and design XML documents that model your database data. XML Spy has validation, programming language integration, and includes support for W3C XML Schema. Windows

Additional Supporting Technology

C++BuilderX includes the following supporting technology with the product.
Product Description Support Platform Installation
Microsoft .NET SDK 1.1 Installs the libraries you need to develop .NET applications for the Common Language Runtime including additional tools such as the Microsoft Visual C++ .NET command-line tools. Windows Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Microsoft .NET Framework Installs the framework required to run .NET applications including the Common Language Runtime and the .NET Framework class library. Windows Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Subset of the Microsoft Platform SDK Contains header files, libraries, sample code, and tools for Windows development including MFC and ATL. The Microsoft Platform SDK includes reference material for the application programming interfaces (API) supported by releases of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. Windows Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Intel® Software Development Products Includes Intel® tools, such as the Intel® C++ command-line compilers for x86 and Itanium, the Math Kernel Library, and the Intel® VTune™ Standard Performance Analyzer. The Math Kernel Library provides developers of scientific and engineering software with a set of linear algebra, Fourier transforms, vector math functions, and vector statistical functions optimized for Intel® processors. The performance analyzer evaluates the performance of your code. Windows, Linux Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
C++BuilderX Mobile SDKs Includes the Series 60 SDK and Nokia 9200 Communicator Series SDK for Symbian OS which provide libraries for developing Symbian-based mobile applications. Windows Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
InstallShield Express Multiplatform Borland Edition Creates Windows installations for applications through an intuitive visual interface. Windows, Linux, Solaris Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
ACE Libraries Provides the Adaptive Computing Environment (ACE) libraries a set of open-source, cross-platform C++ libraries for multithreaded network programming. ACE includes standard networking and threading API functions such as Acceptor-Connector, Reactor, Task, Active Object, and many others. Windows, Linux, Solaris Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Boost Libraries Includes reusable, portable C++ source libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library and may eventually be included in the C++ Standard. The libraries cover a wide range of domains, from threading to numerics to language interoperability. Windows, Linux, Solaris Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.
Loki Libraries Provides a C++ library that uses templates and contains flexible implementations of common design platforms and idioms. Windows, Linux, Solaris Optionally installed from the C++BuilderX launcher.